Strings are an area of tennis equipment that is sorely neglected. Manufacturers will tell you that strings are more important than the racket frame.

Coming in many shapes and sizes, it’s very difficult to know what’s going on in the world of tennis strings, and it really is a world on it’s own.

One section that we haven’t included in this infographic is on what brand or model of string to use. As a player myself I’m constantly testing different brands, models, thicknesses, hybrids, tensions- you get the idea.

The best advice is to know what your boundaries are and test as much as possible within a guideline.

Don’t go buy sets of multi-filaments if you’re breaking strings weekly.

Find your range and keep testing. There’s new models and brands coming out all the time! And remember, we’re only a call or email away if you require a review of the strings you have in mind or require some guidance. Please share your comments as we’d love to hear your thoughts and questions…