Frame Your Game

Step 1

Matching your racquet to your ability level
It is vital that the tennis equipment you use fits your skill level. You should buy a racquet that suits your size, swing and ability level.

You’re the next Roger Federer or Steffi Graf? Children racquets are catered for from ages 4 to 12 years of age.

If you are just starting to play tennis you should look for a basic, versatile racquet. An oversized, pre-strung racquet will provide the most versatility and has the largest sweet spot. Size ranges between 107 square inches and 125 square inches. A pre-strung racquet generally fits all types of players. These are strung by the manufacturer in the middle of the range of strength.

If you belong to a club or recreational team or play at least once a week. A lighter, smaller racquet if you’re a power player. A larger racquet if you’re a finesse player in need of some extra power.

Play 2-3 times a week or compete in a competitive league. High-tech composite racquets provide superior power with lighter weight.

Step 2

Nobody can be placed in a box. You will find that you may be more in the upper or lower bracket for your category. For example, if you are needing a control racquet but you’re leaning towards the Tweener range you will want to look at the parameters closer to the Tweener racquets to make your selection. Use the bar on the side to make your choice.